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I love teaching kids how to find something artistic form waste so much it doesn’t even feel like work (except for cleaning the sink and table– that definitely feels like work).
Aaron Kraftz is online source for elementary art object created by upcycling waste household items with something extra from where you can choose any thing you like to own with just providing shipping cost. 
India is probably one of the few countries with a rich artisanal heritage. Our kaarigars are known for their craftsmanship and luckily for us, we are working with these artisans. 
Everything is handcrafted and we believe in being vocal for local so we source from artisans and work with them too.
If you're up for supporting local artisans, shop from Aaron Kraftz.
You can reach me by email also
Thanks for visiting. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Our Purpose

Today's society generates an enormous amount of waste. As a result, recycling has become an essential action to protect the environment. Within this area, two approaches have emerged, downcycling and upcycling. In the former, the destructive cycle is slowed down but the resulting objects lose quality because of the process, while in the latter they acquire value, thanks to the creative intervention.
Just like us, our waste also deserves a second chance and upcycling/recycling has led to the emergence of an artistic movement known as recycled art. 


What is our motto

Using imagination, we seeks to transform waste such as paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastics, metals and rubber into works of art. The concept, therefore, goes beyond the conventional recycling of materials by creating objects that exceed the economic, cultural and social value of the original product. 

bottle art - 2 with light.jpg


The life cycle of an object, for example, a plastic bottle, can be changed to prevent it becoming waste. How?


When we do something
creative with the bottle and
as a result, create a new
higher value object


When we segregate
it, to be sent to a
recycling plant



Instead of throwing
it in the bin, refill it
with water to extend
its life cycle.


Instead of throwing it
away, we can use it for
something other than its
original purpose, for
example as a plant pot.

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