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Welcome Aaron Kraftz

Aaron Kraftz

Sustainability continues to be at the centre of political, economic, and social discussions. As debates heat up, so does our planet, and contemporary art has joined the debate through the recycled art movement. Glass bottles, plastic bags and other waste that would end up filling landfills or floating in the sea have, in the hands of some artists, become a form of sustainable art that highlights the degradation of the planet and amaze with its originality. The possibilities stretch as far as once imagination.


One of a kind Recycled hand painted green and white glass Bottles


Recycled hand painted tribal plate art

2 (4).jpeg

Handcrafted bookmarks


Some old bottles i transformed into beautiful stained glass decorations

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-08 at 16.08.17.jpeg

Crafted with a functional & aesthetic  approach

Explore upcycling with us to cut your carbon footprint

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Interlink art, creativity & waste 

That help in minimization of waste being sent to landfills


Art & Craft

I love teaching kids how to find something artistic form waste so much it doesn’t even feel like work (except for cleaning the sink and table– that definitely feels like work).

bottle art - 1a.jpg

Artist Statement

Each bit of waste has its own personality and character. It’s a brush stroke and imagination waiting to be placed on the right piece of art.  This inspires me to transform common household waste of paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastics, metals into unusual pieces of art that attract from a distance and surprise from up close.  

Creating beauty lifts my soul and affords me respite from everyday life. In my work I focus on simple themes, and use acrylic color, used bottles of various color and shape, and any paper with an interesting color, pattern, or texture.  I have a particular fondness for vibrant colors.  Each piece of waste, however small, is hand-torn and mixed with the different object and patterns to express beauty that can transform any dull corner of your home, office & restaurant into vibrant corner. 
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love creating them.
Tehnaz Birkett


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